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A Guide to Akamai Content Distribution Network

Akamai Technology Ltd is the name of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) company that provides distributed computing platform for global Internet Content and Application Delivery. A content delivery network or content distribution network is a system of Internet that work together to deliver content to end users, in order to improve performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

NetworkAkamai mirrors the content from customer servers. The content may include all HTML and CSS objects, and sometimes it is just media objects such as audio, graphics, animation, and video. Though the domain name(but not subdomain) is the same, the IP address points to an Akamai server rather than the customers server. The Akamai server is picked automatically depending on the type of content and the users network location. The plus point is that the customer can receive content from the server which is close to the user. In turn, that makes faster download and less network congestion.

Companies with the requirements of Online commerce, Rich or Streaming media content provider or Event, Seasonal and Traffic driven sites can use Akamai service to add business value.


Improve Performance:
1.Makes the site fast and reliable
2.Provides improved digital media content
3.Increases download completion rate.

Cost Benefit:

1.Lower Hardware cost because of outsourcing IT infrastructure.
2.Lower the number of customer complaints about poor on line experience.
3.You can scale your application without incurring further cost

Lower Traffic Congestion:

1.Akamai Service can handle peak traffic load
2.Provides secure operation
3.It can adjust with the change of site requests.
4.Reroute the traffic through different route in case of any security threat


1.Web Application Accelerator: Speeds performance of dynamic, interactive Web applications without requiring additional resources.

2.IP Application Accelerator: It is similar to Web Application Accelerator , but, it is designed for Customer Premises Equipment

3.Dynamic Site Delivery Solution: Provides high performance of dynamically rendered, personalized Web sites

4.Dynamic Site accelerator: Provides faster users performance. Additionally, it offers on demand scalability and can handle any type of
contents like infrequently viewed, popular or even dynamic one.

5.Akamai Media Delivery solution: This solution takes away the burden of supporting peak traffic and large media files from company server.

6.Akamai Streaming OS: Offers the ability of publishing rich media to the Web, detailed usage reports.

7.Electronic Software Delivery Solution: This feature uses Akamai platform to scale on demand in terms of varying traffic, even for the largest software images. In addition to this, it enables company to distribute more software apart from quick download by the user.

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