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An Ultimate Guide About Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement

SPLA is a kind of licensing program that enables commercial hosting for Microsoft products. This is the only available option, which offers companies with a web or cloud based service. Let us see more about this program.

About SPLA

LicenseSPLA stands for “The Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement”. It is designed for businesses that wish to provide hosted software services to their customers. These services include database services, web services and database applications. SPLA is the one and only licensing program that permits commercial hosting for all Microsoft products.

How SPLA is licensed?

A hosted service, when provided to several clients, offers increased flexibility around buying and distributing Microsoft software. There are three ways of licensing presented in the SPLA licensing model:

Subscriber Access License
This type of license is needed for each and every unique user or machine that is going to access the services of Microsoft product.

Per Processor:
This license permits any number of users to access the software set up on that processor.

Per Core:
This license permits any number of users to access the software installed on a particular core in each physical processor.

Benefits of SPLA

When using SPLA, a user does not need to pay any upfront charges. Instead they have to pay for only those services that have been deployed to them. This makes service providers flexible and responsive to the requirements of the customer. It increases capacity that allows adding new services without any expensive long term bond.


SPLA gives service providers with a free trial period of two months. As per Microsoft, this period covers new deployment for new customers without having to pay any licensing costs. This is a very beneficial advantage that enables hosted agencies to provide their quality services to the maximum clients effectively.

Cloud software is a hosted solution that has to be flexible and also up-to-date. This is required so that all products are licensed through SPLA under “new version rights.”

GoIWx cloud software helps in offering these recent releases of software versions to the customers easily.

Management of usage

SPLA is a trust based system and hosting service providers have to report the use of their software to their Large Account Reseller. This needs to be done every month. To control costs and assure full compliance, hosted service providers should be well aware of the licensing consequences of modifications to the infrastructure and services offered by them.

Thus, SPLA offers various services that help customers easily use Microsoft products. They can install them, run them and interact with them with ease and convenience.

GoIWx offers Microsoft Dynamics hosting to provide integrated, adaptable business management solutions. These high-performance solutions enable clients to make business decisions confidently and with full assurance. This company offers state of the art hosting services for a wide range of services. License3

Some of the services offered by the company are Dynamics AX, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SL, GP, and NAV. This helps a client to experience the power of an enterprise IT engineering professionals along with complete data backup and security services.

This company offers Microsoft license that provides businesses and organizations with Microsoft software services and hosted applications. License is issued in the form of a monthly subscription and yearly subscription by accepting organization’s software license keys and managing its titles.

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