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Bigg Boss Tamil Week 7: Restless Vaiyapuri wants to quit; tedious luxury budget task irks inmates

Bigg Boss assigns a tedious luxury budget task to housemates, dividing the housemates into two groups: While Snehan, Aarav, Raiza, and Bindu form team A, Gayathri, Ganesh, Vaiyapuri, and Sakthi belong to group B.

According to the task, Bigg Boss converts the lawn area into the ‘Bigg Boss Washing Centre’ where contestants should wash the stained clothes provided by Bigg Boss. After washing the clothes properly, they need to iron and pack them in a cover. Raiza and Shakthi are appointed as quality check officers to gauge the work of the opposing teams. However, during the task, each team should not share any washing products. Be it detergent or soap; they need to work with their respective teams.

On Tuesday, team A outperforms team B and wins the task. Bigg Boss provides them 450 points and announces team A as the winner of the day. However, the inmates begin to feel that the task is tiresome and discuss the same during dinner.

Restless Vaiyapuri wants to go home

Vaiyapuri feels anxious about the task and laments before the cameras: “The sun is scorching hot out there. I’ve struggled all my life and have come here. Now why I should again fight in this house? Please send me home. I can’t tolerate this cruel task anymore.”

In a message to his wife, Vaiyapuri tells he has learned a lot over the past 45 days and that he will be a ‘new husband’ when he comes home and take care of the regular chores alongside her.

An outspoken Vaiyapuri also politely advised Ganesh Venkatraman to not be self-centered in the house. “You’re almost perfect. But whenever there is a problem or something, be involved. Discuss with other inmates. Start a conversation. We feel that you’re in your world doing yoga, meditation, and work outs. Don’t feel offended. I’m telling you all this as my brother,” said Vaiyapuri.

Bigg Boss replaces the washing task with a new one

Listening to the woes of each contestant, Bigg Boss finally decided to call off the tedious washing task. Instead, he introduced a new task where each inmate is requested to narrate a horror story from their real-life experiences in front of everyone in the living room.

The absence of the most talked-about contestants like Oviya and Julie is quite palpable, and it would be interesting to see how the show pans out this week. Now, viewers are eagerly waiting for the weekend episodes, where Kamal Haasan will appear.

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