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Modi-ji, Thank You For Ending My Has-Been Status


Are we becoming a police state? BJP spokespersons have been asserting on TV screens and public platforms that I should have taken the government’s permission before hosting an old Pakistani friend of mine to dinner. Why should I seek anyone’s permission to host a dinner party – even if that …

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Modi And Media Distorted My Aurangzeb Remark

A young man, Shehzad Poonawalla, has suddenly sprung out of nowhere as the BJP’s darling. While Congresspersons scratch their heads to try to remember if they have ever heard of him, Modi and his minions see him as the perfect foil to the crescendo of support that Rahul Gandhi has …

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Bullet Train Project An ‘Exercise In Vanity’: Manmohan Singh

AHMEDABAD: Former prime minister and senior Congress leader Manmohan Singh today said the Centre’s bullet train project is an “exercise in vanity”, accusing the BJP-led government of “misplaced priorities.” He said it should have focused on improving the existing passenger rail network. Dr Singh was speaking to traders and businessman …

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