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Social Networking and Debt Management Go Hand in Hand

Social Networking can be of great assistance if you are struggling with debt management. Not only can you connect others who are in similar situations, you can also follow various sites which offer debt advice on topics ranging from debt consolidation loans to bankruptcy. Why struggle with motivation and staying …

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Facebook Pages How to Ban a User


Facebook fans are great except when theyre not! Normally, we get a little thrill when we see the new fan notification on our pages. We might even give them a welcome post or check out their timeline. What happens, though, when the occasional fan goes rogue? Just a Friendly Discussion, …

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Social Media Content Why Quality Matters

Quality img2

Some say content is king when marketing your business. We say QUALITY content is king. Whether youre blogging, updating a status, or tweeting for your business what you share matters. So often when people dont get the engagement they want from social media marketing, the problem lies with their quality …

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How to Grow Your LinkedIn Company Page Following

LinkedIn 2

LinkedIn is the highest lead-producing platform in all social media for many businesses (especially B2B companies), yet the bulk of the activity seems to happen between people not on company pages, and that makes sense.  But, what if you are involved in multiple businesses, or, what if you are responsible …

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Pinterest Your Next Best SEO Boost


Its no secret that we love Pinterest. We launched our first Pinterest management marketing plan at the beginning of this year and havent looked back. Were happy to report that our clients are reaping the benefits with increased website traffic. Whats not to love? Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing …

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Should I Outsource My LinkedIn Account Management?


We offer social media support for pretty much any platform out there.  Well help you optimize your profiles, network with others and respond to comments, and even add updates for you. Except on LinkedIn. Well optimize your profile and company profile and add updates for you (and, indeed, more than one of our …

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Make Tags Work for Your Business Instagram

Using images with social media is a sure-fire way to engage your customers. Dont take our word for it. Research from HubSpot shows that using images in posts boosts fan engagement by 53%. Instagram Logo – Business TagsWith the ever increasing popularity of photo-driven social media sites, savvy business owners …

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When Social Media is Like Bad Tech Support

A seemingly endless string of tech support chats yesterday made me wonder are there things social media marketers might be doing that could make customers THAT frustrated? Heaven forbid! Heres what was so wrong with the way customer service happened for me yesterday, and how we can avoid doing the …

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