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Creating Effective Calls to Action Eight Tips

So, you have a new ebook, an upcoming event, webinar or TweetChat? Aside from posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and have sent out an email announcement, what other ways are there to increase downloads and signups? One great tool is the call to action. Chances are, you are already using calls to action on your website or blog.

What is a Call to Action?

bufferA call to action (CTA) encourages visitors to your site to perform a desired action. It could be signing up for your webinar, downloading content or contacting you directly. Calls to action turn visitors into leads and leads into more invested leads.

How to Create a Good Call to Action

1. Choose the Right Wording

The content or event you are promoting will influence your call to action. No doubt you have identified a need or desire of your customers, and your content will fill it. For instance, our ebook, Enhance Your Internet Presence is a perennial favorite. The tag line, Stumped on Social? appeals to many business owners who want to use social media for their business, but just dont know how.

2. Be Clear About What Theyre Getting

Are you giving away an ebook or whitepaper? Asking people to sign up for a webinar? Spell it out. Also, make it clear what benefit they will receive when they click on the CTA and follow through by signing up.

3. Choose an Image

You can use a text link, but oftentimes you will get better results when you use an image. If your offer is a product, such as a whitepaper or ebook, show something tangible on your CTA, like an actual book, a box or even a gift box. If you are promoting a webinar, you can use a photo of the presenter(s), a slide from your presentation, a stylized quote from a past attendee or an image to represent the general concept.

4. Choose Colors That Grab Attention

Use colors that contrast with your websites colors and with the other colors within the call to action. If your overall website color scheme is blue, try orange. Red? Try green. Use a different font from the main text on your site, as well. The colors shouldnt clash, but should be complimentary to your overall website scheme.

5. Use a Sense of Urgency

Is this a limited time offer? Are there a limited number of spots available for the webinar? That makes it easy. Even if this is content you intend to make available for free forever, you can utilize get it now! or claim yours today! to give a little added incentive to act now.

6. Use Arrows

Try Arrows on your Calls to actionArrows denote movement, direction and action. Try using arrows to point to your CTAs, or within your CTA.

7. Try Backgrounds

Place your CTA over a busy background, perhaps illustrating the benefits the visitor will receive after clicking.buffer1

8. Test and Test Again

Even a great call to action can benefit from a little tweaking now and then. Experiment with variations and see what impact that has on the click-through rate. If you have great results at first, but they level off, it could be because you need to share them on social media channels again, but it could be that the call to action just doesnt resonate anymore.

Wed love to see your calls to action. Feel free to share a link to a page containing your favorite CTA in the comments below.

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