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Do you Consider Gaming Industry Recession-Proof?

Player2As per the latest research by international research firm Parks Associates, when most of the industries are suffering from the impact of recession, gaming industry is considered recession-proof. The projection is that gaming industry will surpass $1 billion by the year 2013. As per the latest report by NPD group, the gaming software sale stands at $669 million until February which is a rise of 47% sales. The NPDs Entertainment Trends In America reports that 65 five percent of the 10,000 consumers surveyed want to spend the same amount on video games – or more – in 2009 in comparison with 2008

If you takes into account hardware, software and accessories, the industry grew by 34 percent to $1.33 until Feb. The top list of gaming product during the month of February are Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360, 296,000 units), Devil May Cry 4 (360, 295,000), Wii Play with Remote (Wii, 289,000), Devil May Cry 4 (PlayStation 3, 234,000), and Guitar Hero III (Wii, 223,000). The study further revealed that the striking content of the gaming software is the single deciding factors to tempt buyers to go to store or theaters.

Some analysts predict that the sale of Video Game industry outnumbers the sale of other gaming software because it is affordable one. I would like to highlight one more point. Games and other forms of entertainment offer escapism from real life. It makes you dwell in a fantasy world. Due to that I think the gaming industry is naturally recession proof as people try to escape from the reality around them even during bad economy.

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