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Ericsson has decided to sue Apple for patent infringement

EricssonSwedish giant specializing in design and manufacturing of telecommunications equipment sued the company from Cupertino, claiming that Apple continues to use its technology in the production of the iPhone and other branded wireless devices despite the refusal to renew the license agreement. Head of Intellectual Property Ericsson Kasim Alfalahi commented on the news: Currently, Apple harnesses our technology without a patent, so we are looking for assistance in court and the International Trade Commission United States.

He added: The functions are perceived by consumers as a matter of course. The possibility of streaming TV shows or gaining access to your favorite services from your phone are developed using the technologies that we have introduced earlier.

The representative of Ericsson announced that the company has already filed two complaints with the USITC and seven lawsuits in Texas court after Swill company rejected a proposal for a peaceful settlement issue. Apple has stated that the court should determine the fair terms of licensing and then go on.

Apple filed the counterclaim against Ericsson in 2015. The lawyers argue that the Swedish patents do not describe industry standards. Press Secretary Rachel Wolf stated: We have always been willing to pay a fair price. But, unfortunately, we could not agree with Ericsson on a discounted rate for the applicable patents. Therefore, we had to apply to the court for help.Ericsson2

So, is it fair to use modern and progressive development without any license? We are sorry to claim that it the world of corporate giants it happens often. The companies struggle not only for IT representatives, but also for the first place in the market.

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