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Features of the league of legends

Playing the games is very easy if you know the terminologies of the game. League of legend is the most interesting game that involves some interesting stages. In this you have to choose the champion. After choosing the champion you have to participate in the battle and winning the battle includes the most interesting steps. If you are new player then you must see the guide rules or you can also take help from the people who have already played the game.

leagueIf you are new to this game then you must keep some champions in the form of riot point. Riot points are earned by paying the money. You can take training from the Best lol coaches to learn about the game rules. These points are used at the time of the opposite situation like when enemy attacks you.

Some features of the League of the legends are mentioned as under:-

1.In league of legends, it is divided into three lanes, top, mid and bot. Apart from the three lanes there is also one jungle. The champions whom you choose go to the different areas and kill the opponent and earn gold and reach to different levels. Among the three lanes bot lane has two champions, mid lane has AP caster or assassin and the top level has the tanky champions. The work of champion is to kill the opponents.
2.Focus on the one or two champions until you don’t know anything about the in and out. Knowing your champions is very important step in winning the game. The champions whom you are selecting to play the game are computerized.
3.Whenever you are playing the game you must choose the champion who has high skill. High skilled champion will help you in winning the game. The most interesting is that stage in which the champion whom you love get interface with the champion whom you don’t like.
4.Most interesting part of this game is that you can choose your team with whom you want to play by your own. You can do it by clicking on the” I will invite my teammate”.
5.You should know the goal of the CS-ing. When you kill the minion than you get lot of gold your goal should be killing your opponent and winning the gold. As much as you can earn the gold you should earn. It will take you nearer to win the game. It is stage by stage multi-level game.league2

Thus these are the things that you must keep in the mind while playing the game league of the legends. You can also play it and win it free of cost. Payments are only made if you want new champions in the opposite situation. Do not panic if there arises some problem in making the decision. League of legends game is very interesting which takes you to the fun world. There might be some initial wrong steps when you are playing the games but you can handle it by using those riot points to buy the new champions.

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