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First Impressions Your Business Logo and Why it Matters

Business Have you ever judged someone prematurely? Maybe youve found yourself forming an opinion of an individual based on clothing, cars or a quick once-over. Its a fact of life we often assess people based on first impressions.

Why logos matterKnowing this should influence how we market ourselves as business owners. Just as woman showing up in a wrinkled dress with a coffee-stained resume in hand will likely get passed over for an position customers tend to choose a company based on first impressions. Often the first impression is the business logo.

Business Logos Why They Matter

Whether its on a business card, social media or website a good logo will draw the customer in. This is your chance to set yourself apart from the crowd and establish a professional appearance forming a lasting impression in the customers mind.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Logo

1.Logos Look Professional. People naturally associate logos with an established business. Keep in the mind the fact that quality does matter. Creating your logo at home using clip-art is not going to work.
2.Logos Help You Stand Out From the Crowd. Heres a great exercise to make this point. Get out your telephone book (yes, some people still use them). Flip through the business section. What catches your eye first? More than likely its a professional logo or ad. Competition is fierce a good logo will help you stand out.
3.Logos Make an Impression. People remember 40% more of what that see than of what they hear or read. You can have great content but if customers are not visually engaged, youll quickly be forgotten.
4.Logos can Display Stability. A company that invests in a quality logo appears as if its not going anywhere anytime soon. Sometimes, logos even display their date established. Take Guinness for an example. Its a subtle reminder to customers that this product is stable.
Guinness Website – Business Impressions – Your Logo

How to Get a Quality Logo

The best way to design a quality logo is to work with a graphic designer. I know, it can be expensive, but given the fact that it may be the single most important visual aid for your business its worth it.

Not ready to shell out big money? You have other options. 99 Designs offers logo designs in 7 days or less starting at $299. You simply fill out a questionnaire of what you are looking for and choose from a list of logo design styles you like. Using that information they design logo options for you to choose from. Its a relatively simple process.

Business2Keep in mind, cheap logos often come at a price. Logo designs for $20 featured on sites such as Etsy are not exclusive. What this means is you could be buying a logo that 20 other companies have also purchased. This will do nothing in helping you stand out from your competitors, and often look no better than homemade.

A quality logo is a necessary step in marketing your business. A quality logo will make an impression on potential customers helping you stand out from the crowd.

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