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Google and Microsoft

Google After Google announced a serious vulnerability of Windows a significant bug found in older versions of Android. This vulnerability exposes the threat of hacking 60% of users of mobile operating system from Google.

Conflicts between IT-giants have become habitual phenomenon, with the defeated party in the confrontation technology corporations often become the user of its products.

Windows users been put at risk of becoming victims of hackers after the blog Google Project Zero, devoted to information security, there was information about vulnerabilities of the Microsoft operating system. In response, the head of Microsofts security Chris Betz said that Googles decision to publish its findings before the for the vulnerability in Windows 8.1 released patch, it is not so much about the principles of company it is about the desire to play dirty tricks with competitors.

There were only 2 days before the release of the patch in the time of publication Project Zero.According to Anton Ivanov, a senior antivirus analyst Kaspersky Lab, the vulnerability for Windows 8.1 is quite serious, as it allows chances to go around UAC (User Account Control). Bypass this protection mechanism of Windows increases the chances of harmful software be unnoticed in the system.

It was a good idea to keep silent about the holes in the software as long as they are not removed, said Betz. If you speak about it in advance, then it can bring to users only damages by putting them to the risk of break-ins. In addition, it pushes the company to release the update, although the process of preparing a well-functioning patches long enough.

Google2Project Zero did not publicly reported about vulnerability that discovered during 90 days (it was found on 13 of October), so the representatives of the company could easily keep their discovery in secret little longer time.

We had asked Google to cooperate with us to help protect users and delay publication of these data until Tuesday 13 January, when we plan to release the patch, said Chris Betz.

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