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Here’s The Perfect Way To Choose The Right Headset In Few Simple Steps

The market is flooded with lots of headsets from various manufacturers each having differentiation either in performance, quality or features. Choosing the right one among them is not so easy, but if you know your requirement you can crack a good deal. Here are few steps that will help you analyze your requirement and help you to choose the perfect one.

Purpose & functionality:

TechnicalThe first important thing is to learn the purpose for which you require the headset. Each of the headsets is designed specifically for a certain purpose and need. Will you be using it for standard purpose and plug in with your corded telephone line or you will be using it for gaming? There are also multipurpose headsets available in the market to choose from.

If you are going to use for gaming, you will have to select the compatible platform such as PC, Mac, PS4, etc. For office use and desktop application, you have option for either corded ones that can be plugged in to your office phone or wireless ones. There are traditional headsets available for cellular phones that can be plugged into the cell phone or the ones that are wireless and connected through Bluetooth.

Wearing preference:

You need to determine how you like would to carry the headset on your face the preference and style of wearing is important. You can opt for

Over the head since it offers maximum stability
Over the ears are sleek in design, lightweight and comfortable.
Convertible headsets can be used in both ways over the head and over the ears.
Behind the neck are versatile and does not bother your hairstyle.
Environmental conditions:

The selection will depend on your working and environmental conditions. If you are going to use in noisy environment, you will have to select noise cancelling and binaural styles microphone. For quieter environment, you can select voice tube headset as it is ideal and economical.

Different Parts and Its Features:

The headset comprises of different parts and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You will have to check the features and ratings of each of them as per your requirement.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality depends on the speakers of the headsets. They are available in two options either single side or dual sides. If you are selecting for gaming, the speakers should be of high end with Dolby technology and give an amplifying sound. If the speakers are of better quality they produce treble and bass for more clarity of the sound and minimizes the distortion. The best speakers have widest range of frequency response.


If the microphones are highly sensitive, they will deliver better voice quality and will be able to handle the loud noises clearly. If the microphone headset is adjustable, you will be able to adjust the sensitivity and have more accurate voice exchange.


The comfort factor can be determined by how long you are going to wear the headset. If you are habitat of wearing it for long hours, you can opt for dual sided headset such as Sennheiser SD-PRO 2.


The headset whether it is for the gaming or general use, it should be durable and long lasting. Sennheiser SD-PRO 1 looks great even with single side with top quality material to stay fit for your multipurpose usage.Technical2

Cords & Connectors:

These depend on the usage and can be customized to suit the requirement. If you plan to use it in car, you can opt for the required accessories.

Thus, a little bit of research in the field will help you to buy the best one the one that will last longer and with up-to-date technology. But you will have to be clear with your preference, expected budget, and purpose.

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