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How do I Know if this Comment is Spam?

imageIsnt it great when, after months of faithful blogging, you finally get your first reader comment? If you use WordPress, you got an email message telling you you got a New comment on your post

But, then you look at the senders name. And its gibberish, its obscene, or its something like a recent favorite of mine, beats by dr dre cheap. Sigh. Its blog comment spam.

Or, maybe its a persons name, and you are feeling hopeful. Then you read the body of the comment and its, Hі therе wοuld уou minԁ letting me knoω whіch ωeb hοѕt yοu’re working with? I’ve loаԁed уour blog іn 3 dіfferent intеrnet bгowsers anԁ I muѕt ѕау this blog loads a lot quіcker then most. Сan you suggest a goοd web hoѕtіng pгoviԁer at a faіг priсe? Kudos, I аppreciate it! or, its full of grammatical and spelling issues.

Some are even trickier they try to flatter you, by telling you how great your blog is, or they ask your advice about hosting or blog platforms. A common one: I can see you are an expert at your field! Why, thank you, how to win on qbids. Ha!

Or, they try to make you think something is technically broken on your blog. Two favorites:

The text in your post seem to be running off the screen in Opera.
I tried to unsubscribe from comments, and I keep getting them. Please fix this.
So, now they have a link AND they are wasting your time.

Then you look at the URL and it takes you to an iffy site. Maybe its porn. Maybe its a sleazy-looking auction site, or a legitimate business site using sketchy link-building tactics.

Spammy Blog Comment

What to do with Comment Spam

WordPress makes it very easy to mark comments as spam. Just go to Comments in your dashboard and mark it as spam.

If you like the comment, but not the link and want to make your blog look a little more lived-in, you could edit the comment to remove whatever you dont like, and then reply to it.


When Its Not Spam

Always reply to real comments. At the very least, make sure you thank them for stopping by.

Related Issue: Spammy Trackback or Pingback Messages

Trackbacks and Pingbacks were created as a way to let you know when someone has linked to your site from theirs. Lately, many of them appear to be nothing more than an attempt to get your attention and waste your time with spam. WordPress does a pretty good job of catching bogus trackbacks and asking for moderation. Unless you approve those awaiting moderation, they wont show on your site and are not generally a cause for concern. You should avoid approving spammy trackbacks as they are confusing to visitors and can quickly erode your credibility. Why? If you are a lawyer, and I find a link to a porn site on your blog, Im not likely to know its just a trackback all I see is a link to something I dont want!

The easiest way to get rid of those is to turn off trackback notifications in Dashboard > Settings> Discussion.

Are you fed up with comment spam? Please, tell us how you deal with it below.

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