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How Quality Assurance Plays an Important Role in a Software Product Development Company

PlaysThe goal of a software product development company is to deliver good product on continuous basis in order to succeed in the competitive market.To achieve that you have to have a right process, tools and proper strategy. Software Quality Assurance is associated with entire software development process. QA also involves monitoring and improving the process, making sure any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed. It also emphasizes handling of the problems that are found.

Testing is the core process and it is used to figure out the accuracy, security, and eminence of developed computer software product. The main objective of any testing is to provide all the quality-related information about the developed software product. Testing compares the state and behavior of the software product against various specifications.The test process should include the following area.

1.Software Requirement Specification documents (SRS)

2.Software Test Planning (STP)

3.Software Test Automation Planning

4.Software Test Description (STD)

5.Implement the concept into test cases

6.Automated Test Cases

7.Writing Test Script Language (TSL)

8.Test cases and Test Scripts

9.Bugs and Report

Additionally, the Quality Assurance of a Software Product development company also covers the following processes.

1.Project Initiation Process

2.Project Management Process

3.Configuration Management

4.Design, Development and Documentation

5.Quality Assurance and Prevention Action

6.Review, Testing and Corrective action


8.Verification and validation

9.Change Request Management

Description of QA model for product development company:

1.The most important goal is to identify the key processes based upon the criticality and business growth. The QA team should identify and define the key processes elaborately and any variation of the processes should be recorded as it can impact the business performance.

2.The key processes should compromise different activities. The QA team must identify those activities and control them properly in order to have a control on the whole process.

3.It is imperative to comply those processes and monitor them for any deviation. To achieve this, various key processes are broken down into key activities and a compliance rating can be obtained at any point.

4.Key parameters are the process measurement. It is mandatory to measure the parameters and quantify them. It is going to be the challenge of the QA professionals to find ways how to measure them correctly. Some of them may be timesheets for weekly activity reporting, project trackers for schedule tracking, and defect loggers for defect tracking

5.The next step is to derive a metrics from comparing with expected or estimated measurements. The metrics can be used to control the processes that affect the product quality.

6.The measurement process (metrics) represent process compliance. When the measurement crosses control limits the process owner takes corrective action.

7.The data associated with each project is preserved in a systematic manner as a knowledge database to assess past experience. It can be root causes identified for major variations, corrective actions taken etc. QA uses it to foresee the risks that are likely to impact the progress and quality of the work for upcoming project.

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