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How to Create a Great About Us Page

imagesIts one of the most-visited pages of your website, but chances are, your About Us page is little more than your mission statement (which, sorry no one wants to read) and maybe a photo of the owner of the company. Boring! This is your chance to talk about your company in a very personal way a way that makes people want to work with you.
Items to Include on your About Us Page:

What you do to improve the lives or businesses of your customers.
A very brief company history.
What passion drives you all to work so hard?
What do you do? Tell me as if I were your cousin you just saw at a reunion after 15 years in response to their question, What does your business do, exactly? or, Why would I want to hire you?
Tell us about the people.
What expertise does each have?
Why do they like working here?
What makes them fun/stimulating/interesting to work with?
Give us something that will humanize them (ie., Tracey likes to come to work in her slippers).
Get good-quality photos of each person to go with their bios. Consider professional head shots and a quality group photo. Showing employees in their natural work environment, especially if you can catch them while theyre helping a customer, goes a long way toward helping people get to know you before they ever come through your door.
Do you and your co-workers have a favorite quote or inside joke? Share it!
Do certain words or catchphrases pop up over and over when you talk to each other, to patients or on sales calls? Make sure to work those in.
Give us 10 random facts about the company or its employees. The more obscure the better.
Have you worked with any well-known organizations? Giving a name of a well-known client gives you credibility.
Include a customer testimonial or two.

Dont be afraid to be human. People do business with people, not entities. Show us why you are so great to work with, and chances are, well want to learn more.

Do you have any favorite About Us pages? Please share below!

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