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How To Create Dashboards In Salesforce The Easy Way

CRM systems are excellent for all business owners who care about maintaining great relationships with their clients. However, entering a lot of information in the system is not enough. You also need to know how to create reports, charts and graphs that enable you see the big picture and take the right decisions for the healthy development of your business.Facebook

The first thing to learn is how to create dashboards in Salesforce. This is going to allow you create graphical representations of your data, perfect for presentations and strategic discussions with your teams and with potential partners.

Tips On How to Create Dashboards in Salesforce

You can create a dashboard in the Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions of Salesforce. Before other things, you have to make sure you have the right permissions for your user, otherwise you wont be able to perform this operation.

The best way of learning how to create dashboards in Salesforce is by doing it. You need to go to the Dashboards tab, and then click on Go To Dashboards List. If you have created some, you are going to see them here. If this is the first one, you just click on New Dashboard and select all parameters you need to display. After youre done with all needed settings, you have to click Save.

If you need to create a new dashboard which is very similar to a previous one, you can close it. This method is very fast, as it allows you to transfer all properties and components you want to keep, without having to define all of them again. Its enough to make the required changes and your new report can be ready in a matter of minutes. This can save you a lot of time.

If you want to share your reports with other team members, be sure to store them in a folder thats accessible to all those viewers.

There are various functions in Salesforce that allow you to schedule an automated dashboard refresh, to provide individualized views or to allow users to visualize your dashboards directly on their mobile devices. As most sales representative have iPads to help them in their work, they are going to be happy to access such reports right from their tablets.

Facebook2If this is your first attempt at creating a dashboard, you may need to edit and change it a few times until you make it display exactly the data you need. You can make it easier if you sketch your graphic report on a piece of paper before you start. By deciding which elements to include and where to position them on the page, you are going to find it easier to select all needed date for creating a dashboard that overlaps your vision almost perfectly.

Anyway, if you dont manage to create a clear report from the first time, you shouldnt lose your motivation. Learning how to create dashboards in Salesforce is not so hard, so try again. Editing this kind of reports is very easy, so you are surely going to make them display everything you need for your presentation or business meeting.

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