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How to Manage Internet Access for Enterprise

EnterpriseAs your business grows, the dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications also increases. More importantly, your business requires always-on connectivity. But, gradually, Internet has become a potential security risk. The enterprises are looking ways about how to control web access.

The risks and threats to organizations by uncontrolled employee Internet access can reach more than liability issue. Every organization should be concerned about loss of productivity, loss of network bandwidth and legality issue that may arise from widespread use of the internet of employees. Valuable work can be be hampered due to access of personal services such as travel sites, on-line gambling, and chat services. A new breed of solutions has now emerged to provide better access control over of Internet usage to address the issues for Enterprises.

1.Web Content Filter solution can protect an organization from employee mistakes that includes accidental spread of sensitive corporate information, deliberate and harmful transfer of data, accessing illegal content and illegal file sharing. Company administrators must be able to configure the software so that it can be blocked by user and group.

2.Blocking by URL address is more wiser technology. You can keep a database of millions of URLs and access can be denied to certain pages within a single Web site. This method allows for greater accuracy in filtering to overall content management.

3.The most interesting part of Internet Management solution is the accuracy of the controlled database because Internet changes on continuous basis. In other word, continuous update and maintenance of database is very important criterion.

4.There has to be an Internet Access Policy in a company. It should communicate organizations rules and regulations for Company Internet access, they also provide the audit trail to keep track any violations and problem.

5.Communicating Internet Access policy or any written notice in this regard is not sufficient enough. Your company should have an intense monitoring and access control measures for the proper implementation of the policy.

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