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IBM Launches Smart Cube, combination of iPod iTune for Enterprise

IBMIBM today announced the availability of Smart Cube, an integrated hardware, software and services package that was targeted for small and medium businesses. The company claims that it is going to be easier to run and manage compared to traditional servers. Smart cube comes with Linux and IBMs i operating system. The server starts at $8000 price tag. Smart Cube has the following components.

1.The Smart Cube Hardware

2.Smart Market , a Web-based community and marketplace, where you can download 48 business apps

3.The Server has integrated Intuits QuickBooks Enterprise

4.Smart Desk, a dashboard to manage the applications of the server.

The key benefits are:

1.Small company can save labor and time because the IBM SmartCube does not require any integration work.

2.Regarding ROI, IBM claims that SMBs can save $20,000 over three years compared to Windows based operating system. The savings is in terms of deployment, maintenance and system and software management.

3.Smart Cube has integrated print serving, VOIP, database, network, storage, and backup settings.

4.Once Smart Cube is set up, it is remotely monitored by IBM. It also sends patches and updates automatically if required. In other word, that saves downtime and maintenance cost significantly.

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