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Increasing hate crimes towards Indians in US

It’s certainly a terrific time for Indians in US as yet another Indian become victim for hate crimes that happening continuously there. An Indian-origin Sikh man shot dead in Seattle on March 3rd. Police just started investigating the case and still in search of the gunman.

According to the reports, the Sikh man named Harish Patel who was 43-year-old running a business in Lanchester city. On the fateful night, he closed his shop around 11:45pm. and ten minutes later, a gun man shot him and shouted at him “get out of this country“.

This happened soon after the death of Hyderabad based engineer Srinivas Kuchibotla who was shot dead in Kansas bar and his body was cremated on February 28th. Meanwhile, American President Donald Trump condemned the Kansas shooting stating that, “Last week’s shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.”

There was also another form of hate crimes that happened to the Indian-origin girl Ekta Desai while she was travelling on the train in New York recently. A man verbally abused Ekta saying that this is his freedom of speech and black power and shouted at her to get out of his country. Ekta posted the entire incident as video in her social media page and it went viral raising several questions on safety and security of Indians in US.

Meanwhile, Srinivas Kuchibotla’s wife Sunayana Dumala had written an heart-touching emotional post about their togetherness and the horrific incident in Facebook recently which was also published in Tamil in the news website Vikatan.com. The post reads:

” This is my first official blog post on Facebook, and it is with a heavy heart that I am writing these words. On the dreadful night of Wednesday February 22nd 2017, I lost my husband — my soul mate — my friend and my confidante. He was a source of inspiration, a support system not just to me but to any and all he got to know. He always had a smile for everyone, respected all especially his elders. We met in August 2006 through common friends then connected on an online portal called Orkut – not a usual face to face introduction- and started liking each other instantly. He was so charming that I could not resist.

His passion was to constantly innovate in the aviation industry. Here in America, he commenced is his career at Rockwell Collins, and he worked On Flight Control System especially on Primary Flight Control Computer that would change the way flights work with improved performances. He dedicated his life to this development. There were days he used to come home to have only dinner and leave for work again – only return around 2 or 3 in the morning. He was very happy at Rockwell and liked living in a small town like Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But we decided to move from there to a bigger city so that I could get a job and be able to pursue my dreams, as he was able to do for himself. Kansas was our instant choice, and we moved here with a lot of dreams. We built our dream home, which he painted, and installed the garage door. Doing any kind of work on his home gave him immense joy. This was the home that he had built to – for us and any kids we would have- was our first step to starting our family. It’s so unfortunate that this dream of ours is now shattered. All of this, because of one person, who did not think of the impact his deed would have on the victim’s family. When police came to our house that night and gave me the news of my husband’s life being taken away by a random shooter, I could not believe their words, it was so surreal. I asked them repeatedly, “Are you sure?”, “Are you telling the truth?”, “Did you see the man you are talking about?”, “Can you show me a picture to identify?”, “Is the man that you are talking about 6′ 2”?” They were just nodding their heads saying yes. With no family here in Kansas and his brother in Dallas, my immediate reaction was to call his brother. When I called him to say what the police had just told me, he thought I was joking.

He would have turned 33 on March 9th, and we were planning to fly to NJ for his cousin’s engagement. He was excited and eagerly waiting for the event, and we had plans to shop this past weekend for the trip. Things turned out differently, I was on my way to India with him in a coffin.”

How unfortunate is this?!

In her long post, she also thanked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj , many of her friends and news media. Surprisingly, she also mentioned that she will return to US soon or later. However, she doesn’t stop there; At the end of her post, she writes, ” Lastly, to answer the question that is in every immigrant’s mind, DO WE BELONG HERE?

Is this the same country we dreamed of and is it still secure to raise our families and children here?”.

These questions must be yet to heard and answered with no time!

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