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Is Your Social Media Presence Doing Everything it Can for You?

Unless you’ve been asleep under a rock for the past decade, you already know that social media marketing is the key to success in just about every industry there is nowadays.  From small business to large corporations; from artists and singers to those who just want some internet fame—no matter what your purpose and vision is on the web, social media is the key to achieving those goals.

The Importance of Social Media Presence

  Social media presence can best be defined by getting your branded message out there so people can learn about it and perform whatever action it is you want from them.  For example, a website selling shoes will want a strong following on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook so that they can post up pictures of their latest sneakers and post links where people can buy them.  A common technique with a website such as this would be to buy Facebook fans or buy Instagram followers.  This increases their fan base and reach, thus widening the mouth of their sales funnel.

On the other hand, a singer, band or visual artist would also strive for a strong Facebook following, but certainly will do better by building a solid YouTube fan base as well.  For this, singers and bands will definitely want to buy YouTube views and buy YouTube subscribers, but they also might want to consider buying YouTube comments, likes and dislikes as well.  This will help get them more views, be seen as more popular and ultimately, help them get signed to a record label and/or make more money.

The bottom line is that no matter what your business, goal or profession is, there are a number of ways to increase your social media presence so that youre reaching more people. When you reach more people on a consistent basis, you increase your profits, your views, your popularity, your viral ability and your overall success.  Put quite simply, social media success equals real life success.

 The Benefits of a Good Social Media Following

 More specifically, social media plays into a number of positive outcomes for every niche across every industry, which is why it is such a huge focus for marketing and promotions professionals.  Heres a look at what social media success can do for you:

  • Small Businesses:  Small businesses can specifically benefit from a strong social media presence because social networking is about building a relationship.  By staying connected with your customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, youll be able to remain in the forefront of their mind when they need the services or products you provide.  Plus, interaction and establishing a relationship will help breed customer loyalty, not to mention help your local search rankings.
  • Large Corporations:  Larger corporations still need to foster relationships, but more often than not, the primary goal becomes twofold: information transmission and brand rewards.  For starters, a large corporation might buy Twitter followers so that their product release information, policy changes and general corporate data gets out there where it needs to be.  Second, social media is a great place for companies to recruit top talent by staying in touch with potential leads.
  • Artists:  For artists, a strong social media presence is not only about getting your work out there, its also about connecting with your fans.  Whether youre looking for a record deal or just trying to get a larger fan base, interacting and sharing with the largest number of people possible is the best way to go about your career as a singer or band.  One of the easiest and most successful ways to accomplish this is to buy YouTube views or buy YouTube subscribers.
  • Other Websites: There are many other types of websites out there that are based on providing fun, information or making money in alternative ways.  For instance, many affiliate marketers and other marketing and sales-based websites want to have a strong social media presence to create more inroads to their site.  Not only does this help your search engine rankings by creating backlinks, it also drives more targeted traffic to your site, resulting in higher-converting leads.
  • Internet Fame:  Of course, if youre looking for Internet fame, the fastest way to get there is to buy Twitter followers, buy YouTube subscribers, buy Facebook fans or buy Instagram followers.  Even if you have great material, having a strong fan base will help establish the perception that youre already popular, causing even more people to follow and like your posts, videos and pictures.  This is the same concept that is used when canned laughter on a sitcom helps people realize how funny the show is—buy YouTube views and people will realize how great your videos are!

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