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Ive Tried Social Media, But I Want More Visibility and Engagement

Recently, I received a lead form from a visitor whose biggest marketing challenge was getting seen and then getting engagement. I dont want to embarrass him, so I obscured identifying details, but I do want to show you the Facebook Page I turned up for his company

Their website is actually nice, and their About section on Facebook is informative and even uses good keywords. They link to their Facebook page from their website. So, whats causing the lack of interest and engagement to his social presence?

OK, its kind of a trick question, because it is painfully obvious!

No cover photo
No custom apps
Only one photo
This may be the most extreme example Ive seen, but it does make you wonder do they expect engagement here? My guess is no, and they know they need to up their game. So, he downloaded several of our online marketing ebooks, and I hope they help.

What Id recommend to him if I got him on the phone:

Upload an appealing cover photo perhaps with a call to action.
Create a custom app based on the needs of his clients. Perhaps a join our email list app.
Start blogging twice a week. Share those updates on social platforms.
Add photos, milestones and updates on Facebok. Update the LinkedIn company account regularly and share as his personal acccount.

Acting as himself, like, comment on and share updates from the Facebook page. Encourage employees to do the same.
We hope our new contact will be able to make a go of it after some research, but were happy to talk to him or anyone else about their companys social presence and how to improve it.

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