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Key Features of Online Reputation Management

For businesses seeking to establish or maintain a presence on the internet, high rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are an absolute necessity. The high rankings virtually guarantee that visitors will be able find that business for the purpose of gathering information prior to a purchase, buying a product or service, or researching a subject. It is also at the search engine level that competitors may attempt to gain an edge by engaging in negative information campaigns to damage a company’s reputation, sow seeds of distrust in the eyes of visitors, or denigrate a company’s products and services.

The anonymity provided by the web allows these types of campaigns to take many forms and come from many different sources. Smear campaigns, false accusations, stories of product malfunctions, and outright lies can be spread around the internet by competing companies, unhappy ex-employees, or anyone else trying to benefit either financially, personally, or both from sullying the reputation of the targeted company. These negative campaigns also take time, effort, and money to be seen on search engines and, as such, are typically directed by other corporations.

Corporation driven attacks are usually conducted using complaint boards, blogs, forums, and many other venues where postings, regardless of how untruthful they may be, are published and then search engine optimized to appear with as high a ranking as possible. The negative content is utilized to cause doubt, create confusion or “un-sell” a product or service while steering the consumer to a site carrying their own messaging and products. To make matters worse, these attacks don’t just go away.

Brand Management
Building a brand is part art and part science. The opportunity that the internet provides to build your brand is massive as long as it’s done right. Online Reputation Management services provides customized solutions to get your brand focused and promoted with online and offline campaigns that are both synchronized and mutually reinforcing. Marketing efforts will communicate your brand’s value proposition, credibility, emotional connection, and position as a solution for your buyers’ needs.

The advent of numerous sales and auction portals across the internet has made the control of any company’s brand a major challenge. The “gray market” is where unauthorized and illegal sales occur, typically through legitimate channels like EBay. An example of a gray market sale could be the unauthorized sale of “dumped” branded products either through auctions or a storefront on the EBay site. These types of sales can present many problems in terms of preserving and protecting your brand. At this point you are no longer controlling how your brand is communicated to the buying public. Messaging, positioning, and client experience are now in the hands of others who are also setting price points, probably at levels that hurt your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.

After measuring the extent of the violation, Reputation Management will conduct a complete analysis to determine what sales, auction, and e-commerce sites are being utilized to sell your products. It is also track domain name violations and illegal sites to document any infringement issues. We will also document copyright, trademark, and cyber-squatting violations.

Some Facts about Online Reputation

  1. Nowadays, internet savvy consumers trust remarks and opinions that are published online on various sites. These reviews have the potential to influence their decisions of purchase.
  2. The functionaries of corporate communication constantly examine and feed various media channels operating online with constructive information for boosting conversion rates of continuing sales initiatives, for managing opinions of consumers and for brand promotion. This leads to greater competition in the web world.
  3. A remarkable online reputation has the potential to build confidence and increase sales. This can lead to higher profitability and better revenues.
  4. Positive online reputation can lead to 30-40% increase of website traffic generation within a period of 12 weeks and the sales leads can also double!
  5. Consistent and coordinated online reputation management enhances overall positive presence in the web world. This leads brands to easily reach the top spots in various rankings of search engines.
  6. One blogger or one casual comment can destroy your years of reputation. Come to us for the latest blogging tools that we employ to protect your reputation.
  7. Don’t ignore the power of CGM or consumer generated media. Information travels rather quickly through the net.
  8. You may not be aware that there are many sites that have direct influence on the web surfer. Take them into your side to build up positive reputation.
  9. Try to come up as a leader in industry conversation to influence your buyers.

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