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Make Tags Work for Your Business Instagram

Using images with social media is a sure-fire way to engage your customers. Dont take our word for it. Research from HubSpot shows that using images in posts boosts fan engagement by 53%. Instagram Logo – Business TagsWith the ever increasing popularity of photo-driven social media sites, savvy business owners are learning to use such platforms, including Instagram, to their advantage.

Instagram Rolls Out Tagging Feature

You may have noticed a recent change to your Instagram account a new feature that allows you to tag people in the pictures you upload. What does this mean for your Instagram business account? Tagging will help you connect with customers and fans, thus increasing business engagement.Instagram

Tagging Helps Fans Get Behind Your Brand

Ask any business owner and they will tell you that success depends largely on fan loyalty. Fan appreciation and trust is just as crucial to thriving in business as are quality product and services. You can provide the best product or service available, but if you lack loyal customers, sales will plummet. This new tagging feature allows fans to tag your brand in a photo adding credibility to your company. Essentially, theyre advertising for you. And theres no better form of advertising than a happy customer!

Getting the Most From Instagrams Tagging Feature

Previously, Instagram tags worked only when people tagged your business in a comment. Thus began the cumbersome process of reposting the image sharing the link or screenshot and adding it to your official channel enabling users to see fans endorsement of your brand. You can still do this and sometimes its good to switch things up with different techniques. However, if youre like me, simplicity is the best option. I love seeing photo updates where my business is tagged right on my Instagram profile, with no effort from me.

Heres how it works: If youve updated the Instagram app, images your company or brand are tagged in can now be found in your profile. The images will automatically display in the Photos of You, tab in your profile, making it easy for you to follow up on activity. Dont be afraid to use a call to action encouraging your fans to tag your business. Starbucks includes a call to action right in their description. Technically, Starbucks is asking fans to tag using a hashtag, but hashtags and tags will accomplish the same goal of increasing exposure for your business. Wondering if it works? Just browse through the images, 1.2 million followers are happy to show their love for the brand.

Increase Fan Engagement by Commenting on Tags

Once tagged in an image, youll have easier access to pictures featuring your brand. Capitalize on fan appreciation by commenting on the image. Give the fan a shout out, endeavoring to spark a conversation. This will humanize your company and add credibility to onlookers increasing the odds of new clients.Instagram2

Do you use Instagram for your business? How do you engage fans through Instagram? Tell us about it below!

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