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Memory Diag for Mac review

reviewMemory Diag for Mac allows you to quickly control memory usage. The app runs quietly in the background and will display overall memory use with a click to an icon in your taskbar. Even for those that are not comfortable working with other memory management apps, this one is easy enough to use that you can gain the benefits it provides in just seconds.

Easy installation and initial use: Installation of Memory Diag takes only seconds, and it almost immediately appears in your taskbar with a prompt for how to access it. Click the icon at any time, and youll see a visualization of your current memory usage broken down by different categories and color coded. There are theme options and view settings to update and optimize how this looks as well.

Automated optimization options: Memory Diag has an Optimize button that allows you to quickly clear file cache and open up memory on your system in just seconds.

Additional features require separate apps: Memory Diag performs its core function perfectly. Its fast, intuitive, and easy to use, but other disk and system utilities will require separate apps, each with their own cost. If you need a more comprehensive system diagnostic tool, this wont necessarily cover it.

Bottom Line
For those that only need a basic memory management and optimization tool, Memory Diag will get the job done. The next time your computer is running slower than youd like, this app will come in handy.review2

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