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New Pinterest Strategies to Increase Your Exposure

If youre not yet utilizing Pinterest to grow and market your business you are missing out. Why this unabashed self-assurance?Pinterest logo

PinterestAt Scalable we see a flurry of activity surrounding Pinterest topics. Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to our site. In fact, for visits, it fluctuates from just behind Google to just behind Facebook. One of our most popular blog posts is entitled: Use Pinterest Group Boards To Get More Brand Exposure. Our free Pinterest eBook has had over 80 downloads. People are crazy for Pinterest.

These stats show Pinterest is not just a social media platform for recipes and DIY projects. Savvy business owners see potential and are adding Pinterest to their marketing tool bag.

Developing Pinterest Strategies for Small Businesses

Pinterest marketing strategies are still in the developmental stage. Why? Because Pinterest is a relatively new tool for businesses it only launched in 2010.

One of my jobs at Scalable is daily utilizing Pinterest to increase our clients exposure, website traffic, and product sales. This regular use allows me to develop Pinterest strategies helping our clients succeed.

Since our last post weve revamped a few things and were are eager to share these new Pinterest tips with you!

New Pinterest Group Board Tips

Lady in red dress -New Pinterest TipsWe encourage our clients to use Pinterest group boards. Group boards are the quickest way to increase your exposure and increase followers. Need help getting started with group boards? Start here. For all you savvy pinners lets talk strategy.

Ive recently noticed a trend when working our clients accounts. While our number of followers are growing consistently, most repins and likes come from our group boards.

Dont get me wrong, activity on a pin is always a welcome sign it means we have good content. However, in order to direct attention back to the company, I needed people to interact with the companys personal boards. A bit of brainstorming resulted in a solution.

Have you noticed that Pinterest displays the original board of a pin you are pinning from inside Pinterest? Its like an advertisement saying: If you liked this pin, you can find more just like it here. This was it the key to directing traffic!

Use Personal Boards as a Springboard to Group Boards

Using personal boards as a springboard to group boards will direct traffic back to your company. Pinterest users need to know where that great pin came from. If you repin directly to a group board you miss the opportunity of channeling users to your company. These steps will help you direct traffic to your business:

Locate a pin with content supportive to your companys vision.
Check the pins link to make sure it leads to content appropriate to your pins image.
Edit the pin add hashtags and an interest arousing description.
Pin the item to an applicable personal board.
Repin the pin to a group board.
Its as simple as that! Now when users want more of those fabulous pins, youve shown them where to go.

Streamline Your Pinterest Group Boards

I faced another roadblock with group boards. We were frequently receiving invites to group boards almost identical to each other. For instance: Natural Remedies and Holistic Care and Natural Remedies. I was torn. I didnt want to pass on exposure but redundant boards could reflect a lazy business image and be downright pinterest ebook downloadconfusing.

I decided to use them to my advantage. Pinning to a new group board typically results in 20-50 new followers (depending on the account). I thought to myself: What if I accept the invite, direct followers to the personal boards and after a period of time leave the group board? It worked!

Note: To leave a group board, click edit, find yourself in the list and click on the leave button.

Pinterest Group Board Strategies A few things to keep in mind:

pinterest2You will lose users following that particular group board. However, by directing them to your personal boards during your allotted time, it will be to your advantage. The last board I did this with we lost 38 and gained 72 it was worth it.
Do research before deciding which board to leave. Our goal is exposure leave the ones with the fewest followers.
Give it time. You need time to direct new followers to group boards. Typically I will keep the twin board for 3-4 weeks before leaving it.
Remember, your goal is to streamline group boards not leave them all. A successful Pinterest account is made up of personal and group boards.

I hope youve enjoyed our new Pinterest tips and strategies. Would you like to benefit from the tremendous potential for exposure and increased sales through the use of Pinterest? Rather not do it yourself? We offer full Pinterest management services designed especially for YOUR business. Let us look at your online presence and suggest a solution for you. Call 800.305.9420 x4 or contact us today.

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