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3 SEO strategies to use in increasing your ranking


It’s a fast-paced life and this holds equally true even when one is confined to the four walls of one’s cubicle or house. SEO or the Search Engine Optimization possibly stands as the biggest witness to this theory of the present times. And, very ironically, this too is not averse …

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Find The Lost Phone Using This App


If you are in need of tracking a cell phone, then you can use this software. It will be very useful to find the activities of your children or anyone. You may be in need to track a phone of someone else. If you are in this case, then there …

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Transformer cores demystified


Transformer cores are found everywhere in modern society. Transformers are used to increase or decrease the alternating voltages in electrically powered applications. By the time this electricity reaches your house or workplace, it will have passed through several transformers. Some of those will be in substations, some will be in …

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