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Google and Microsoft

After Google announced a serious vulnerability of Windows a significant bug found in older versions of Android. This vulnerability exposes the threat of hacking 60% of users of mobile operating system from Google. Conflicts between IT-giants have become habitual phenomenon, with the defeated party in the confrontation technology corporations often …

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There is no need to study English

Smartphones know how to do an instantaneous reading and translation Known online translator Google Translate can now instantly translate text from a sheet when you point a Smartphone camera on the translation. In addition to Google above similar online translators and OCR systems are successfully operating and other companies, including …

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Australian government blames Snowden for data retention

The Australian Attorney-Generals Department has pushed back at industry and privacy advocate concerns over mandatory data-retention legislation, stating that the leaks on the US National Security Agencys (NSA) surveillance operations by whistleblower Edward Snowden have hastened the need for the regime. Under legislation currently before the parliament, Australian telecommunications companies …

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