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A Close Look at MULE, an Open Source Business Integration Solution

Mule Enterprise 2.2 is an open source ESB that can be plugged into any vendor applications. It comes with support like HTTP, JMS, SOAP, SMTP. This a novel architecture that supports seamless integration of different business applications.You can get professional support for Mule from Mulesource. Different software applications use different …

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Top 8 Benefits of Enterprise Blogging

The ultimate goal of corporate blogging is to reach the goal of the company. Your company can use internal blog instead of meetings and e-mail discussions, and it can be very useful when employees work at different locations, or have conflicting schedules. On the other hand, when your company employees, …

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The Top Nine Advantages of Freemium Business Model


Freemium is a Business Model that offers basic services for free while charging premium for advanced features. Skype is a good example of Freemium Service. Any voice call within the network is free, but, there is a premium for call outside the network. The best part of this business model …

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