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Payday Loan – A Real Helper

I am a single mother of three beautiful children. They are such angels and I would do anything for them. Anyway, I have a steady job and a nice salary but sometimes you find yourself in what seems to you a hopeless situation. So, I want to share my story about certain financial issues that I have experienced and the way I managed to cope with them for it might help you decide about solving your own situation and troubles if you have any.

HelperIn fact, some eight or nine months ago, everything was going just fine. I organized our life pretty well so that the children cannot sense when we are lacking financial resources. However, it happened that my eldest daughter, who is to go to college next year, wanted to enroll in a competition at her school. Of course, that was perfect and I encouraged her as much as I could and had time. Even her teachers encouraged her and recommended her to enroll. She was very successful and she won first place. However, the higher the level of the competition the more she was to pay for enrollment. Since she was very successful she eventually reached the top level which is, I think, the event where the winners from all parts of the UK come to compete. The enrollment fee was very high and I did not know how I would pay for it. Plus, she had to travel to London and stay there for two days so these were additional expenses.

The competition was very important to her and it was of great it was of great significance for the college enrollment next year, so I did not even think about asking her to give up – that was certainly not an option. So, started thinking how I could get that money. I eventually found out about the payday loan from some friends of mine who had some experience with it. They told me, however, that interest rates were very high and that I should be careful to pay it back on time. However, I did some further research and found out that if I stated my car as collateral to the loan, the interest rate would be much lower and I could pay it back over a period longer than one month.

Helper2Thus, I applied for it and the next day I had exactly the amount I needed. We then finished all the stuff about enrolling and paying and when my daughter came back, she was the number one winner and she got quite a few extra points that ensured her college enrollment.

To conclude with, I managed to pay the whole loan back and on time and even if I hadn’t managed to do so I would still be more than happy that my daughter made her accomplishment and that she was satisfied with her achievements. There is no money that can buy you the happiness of your children and every mother knows this; thus, thank you payday.

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