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Pinterest Your Next Best SEO Boost

SEO1Its no secret that we love Pinterest. We launched our first Pinterest management marketing plan at the beginning of this year and havent looked back. Were happy to report that our clients are reaping the benefits with increased website traffic.

Whats not to love? Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing and most popular social networking sites on the web. It allows you to market your brand, drive sales of your products, increase traffic to your website and even boost your SEO. You might be thinking Really, Pinterest can affect SEO? Yes. There are huge gains to be made by utilizing the Pinterest platform as a means to increase your SEO. Heres a few of our favorites.

#1: Shared Content Increases SEO

Pinterest is a marketers dream for the ease with which it allows users to share content. Savvy marketers know the power of shared content and its impact on SEO. Whether you’re posting products, blog posts, or behind the scenes images of the office, Pinterest allows you to reach a wide audience while simultaneously adding weight to your companys SEO.

#2: Pinterest Followers Boost SEO

Taking the time to grow your Pinterest fan base is well worth the effort. The more followers you have, the quicker your content will spread – increasing SEO. Whats the best way to grow your Pinterest audience? In a nutshell: Provide quality content, pin regularly, use keywords in descriptions and follow brands similar to your own. Be consistent and you will see your community grow. Get more specific strategies from our Pinterest ebook (its free).

#3: Pinterest Back-links & SEO

Back-links are invaluable to SEO. Search engines create page rankings by taking into account how many outside links Pinterest ebooklead people to your site (back-links). Heres how to create back-links using Pinterest.

You may have noticed pins with URLS in the pin descriptions. Every time someone “pins” or shares one of your pins with a URL attached, a new backlink is created. Back-links increase search engine ranking as your brand builds credibility. Just make sure to verify all links before posting, you wouldnt want to squander potential traffic due to dead links.


#4: Pinterest Keywords = SEO

Ask any marketer what components are necessary in achieving SEO success, and the phrase keywords will come up early on. Keywords help your target audience find you and increase your page rankings.

How can you put keywords to good use on the Pinterest platform? Use keywords associated with your company or brand in pin descriptions and board titles and descriptions. Hashtags are a great way to highlight keywords in pin descriptions. Contrary to what some might say, hashtags absolutely work on Pinterest at least for now.

#5: SEO Secret Weapon: The Pin It Button

Weve already established the role shared content plays in SEO. Well then, lets make it easy for clients to share our content. All businesses should, no scratch that. All businesses need to feature a pin it button on their website if they want to be pinned.

This “Pin It” button allows readers to immediately post a video or photo to their Pinterest account sharing it with the world. Its like they are marketing your business for you! This is a small, but excellent way to get more mileage out of your website content, especially if you dont publish to Pinterest regularly. Install a pin it button on your website today.

Pinterest is a fantastic tool to build exposure, increase sales, and drive traffic back to your website. Dont know where to begin? We can help! Contact us today and we will be happy to review your current online marketing and see if Pinterest is a good fit for your business.

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