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Review of DropBox,an On Line File Sharing Software

SoftwareYou can easily share and store file online by using Dropbox. It can also synchronize the files from your offline directories and online storage. You can download and install the software and it doesnt have any user interface. You can get 2 GB of free storage for synchronization and sharing of files. They charge 9.99/mo beyond that.The key features of Dropbox are:

Synchronization: After installation, if you drop any file into your Dropbox folder, it will synchronize and will be available on any other computer that you’ve installed Dropbox, as well as from the web. If you make any changes to the files in your Dropbox it will get synchronised with your other computers instantly.

Back up: You can use Dropbox as offline backup service. Dropbox uses Amazon’s S3 service to store your data. Another interesting feature of drop box is to un-delete file that you might have deleted earlier. It has a capability to pull up files from the history.

Sharing: You can share folders and file with whoever you choose. In other word, you can share a music file with your girlfriend or an old classic movie with your grandma.

Security: All files use SSL and encrypted using AES-256.

Speed: Speed is an important issue in terms of file transfer. If you sync any file with your other computers, it only updates the section of the file that got changed.

Web Interface: There is also a web interface that allows you to access files on machines that don’t have Dropbox installed.

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