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Review of Molybdenum, an Open Source Test Tool for Web Applications

WebMolybdenum is a visual test tool to test web application. The software version 0.7.1 is compatible with Firefox 3.1. It is based on Selenium and you can use it as add-on to your Firefox browser. The software is developed under license from Apache License 2.0. This tool simulates the user action to the Firefox browser. You can download the software from here.

Selenium focuses on developers on export to different languages and cross browser testing. Molybdenum focuses on simple test execution, reporting,

The core features of the tool are:

1.You can create a Testscript by recording user actions or editing the action manually. This testscript can be executed either manually or automated from command line.

2.You can link your testscript with bug tracking system because the script is in XML format

3.You can record, execute and generate reports that includes link to screen shot without any knowledge of programming.

4.Several testscripts can be combined together in a schedule and executed at once.

5.Testscripts are run in a loop.

6.Since, the tool is extensible, you can write your own actions and commands using JavaScript. Javascripts errors are also logged.

7.The latest ver 0.7.1 has capability for Ajax recording

8.The advanced feature also includes Report Generation in XML format.

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