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Seaside with Payday Title Loan

Since I am an average woman with an average salary, I am not a spendthrift. My husband also has a job, but we have three children who, of course, have their own needs which must not be neglected and their education is also a way to spend certain amounts of money. However, sometimes you just want to spend some money on something that would bring you pleasure; of course, not only to you but to your whole family.

loansIn fact, last year, my husband and I realized that we hadn’t taken children to the seaside for five years. It was quite a long period and the purpose of going to the seaside is not only to have fun, but also to spend some time with your children in a peaceful and healthy place. Actually, our older son has had some issues with the lungs and it is highly advisable for him to spend some time at the seaside. Of course, once a year is the optimum but, as I said, we hadn’t been to the seaside for almost more than five years.

Thus, my husband and I started working out a plan – how to make it to the seaside. We considered saving some money, but it was too late and we would not be able to put aside enough money in such a short time. But then, it occurred to me that we could take a loan. My husband first thought it ridiculous to take a loan for the seaside, but when I did some research and found a loan that is convenient he eventually accepted.

What I found was a kind of a payday loan, actually, a title loan. However, it was somewhat more affordable than the regular payday loan and the reason for that was that it had to be secured with a car as collateral. Since we owned a car, we applied for it and we got the sufficient amount of money to pay back within the next five months with not so large fees and we were very satisfied with it. Finally, we were able to take our children to the seaside and together enjoy a little bit of the healthy sunshine and sea air. When we got back home, there were three more installments left for us to pay (within three months) and we managed to pay it back on time.

loans2All in all, we were really satisfied with the service the lending company provided us with. Had we not found this way to get into possession of the needed money, our children would probably have not seen the seaside for another year or two. Thus, all of this turned out quite well in the end. We got to take the kids to the seaside and we did not have to pay very high interest rate and loan fees. We did have to introduce some restriction upon our arrival back home until we paid back the whole loan, but it was for a good cause and we do not regret.

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