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Seven Ways to Retain Your Job During Recession and Get a Raise

Retain Most of the enterprises are compelled to cut or freeze wages and further raise due to the recession. The future is not also good even though you have job. You have to come up with a way so that you can retain your job and at the same time get decent raise. After all, you have to be very mindful about these two things because you have to pay your bill in every month. I came with 10 best ways you can keep your job after my long discourse with HRD people and Corporate honchos. I would like to share this with you.

1.Improve your skill set: I would consider it the single most important point for job retention. You have to prove it to your employer that you still have lot of things to contribute for the company. If you have to take any additional training for this purpose, please, go for it.

2.Make yourself visible across the company: You have to be very positive in your thinking. You do not only resolve the problem in terms of your job. You can go one step ahead and see future of the business. If you make any accomplishment, please, be sure that you get noticed. Your boss should know about your achievements.

3.Improve your performance: This is another key point to be considered when companies lay off employees. You have to enhance performance at your project even though if you have to go extra mile for this. You have to show your skills with the help of new technology, new methodology and new technique etc.

4.Good attitude: You have to be very happy at your workplace so that it can boost the morale of the co-workers. Unless you are happy and satisfied at your current work, you can not optimize your performance.

1.If you are the only expert in the company for the mission critical system, this is the time to ask your employer to get a raise regardless of the economy. In order to do this, you have to quantify your performance and show it to your boss.

2.You must find the perfect time to ask your boss about the raise. If your company management gets some bad news about the business, they may be less reluctant about the raise. Wait for the big achievement from your end for the company. That may be the perfect time to ask for further raise.

3.If there is a chance that your company comes across with a business problem in the near future, identify the problem and try to find out possible solution. You should present your employer about possible solution of the problem with some specific problem. That is going to put you in a better position for possible raise down the road.

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