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Should I Outsource My LinkedIn Account Management?

LinkedInWe offer social media support for pretty much any platform out there.  Well help you optimize your profiles, network with others and respond to comments, and even add updates for you. Except on LinkedIn.

Well optimize your profile and company profile and add updates for you (and, indeed, more than one of our clients has been complimented by connections on the content we share), and even work with you to provide a strategy and suggest groups for you to join, but we wont build connections and participate in LinkedIn groups on your behalf.

Its not because we dont see value in the platform (LinkedIn is HUGE for B2B). Its not because there isnt a demand for outsourced LinkedIn management, either.  Just this week, I had to turn down a prospective client who wanted us to manage LinkedIn for him. I hated to have to do it.

Why I Wont Manage LinkedIn For You

Unlike activity on any of the other major networks, all interaction on LinkedIn (besides posting updates) is done through a personal profile. That means that I would be talking to YOUR current and former colleagues, old college buddies and prospective clients as YOU. You wouldnt ask someone to manage your personal Facebook profile, right? Its just too personal.  The same applies to LinkedIn. It may be more of a business site than the others, but it is still expected that when you interact with someone, you are talking to that person not their assistant, not their friend or spouse, and certainly not an agency.

Am I alone in this? I wondered, so I asked my fellow Social Solutions Collective members back in March (the last time it came up) and it was unanimous. LinkedIn is just too personal and too involved for someone to pretend to be you. Any of us will gladly train and consult, though!

LinkedIn is really best used for personal branding at this point. At least until the platform allows company profiles more flexibility, which leads me to


When I Will Manage LinkedIn For You

When LinkedIn company profiles are given the ability to interact with followers and communicate in groups, then ask me again :).

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