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Social Media and SEO Together, at Last!

Remember the song Why Cant we be Friends? by War? Well, its a perfect theme song for the social media SEO relationship. In recent years, there have been many articles arguing the value of one over the other. SEO is Dead. Why SEO will always beat Social, and on and on.

The truth is, you dont need to take sides. Successful marketers see the benefit of using social media as a complement to SEO. When social media joins forces with SEO, it can spell wonderful things for your company. Check out our illustrated explanation of how Google+, specifically, can boost your search engine rankings.

How Social Media Complements SEO

SEOSEO (search engine optimization) and social media serve very different, but equally important functions in marketing your business. Let me explain. Remember that kid in grade school? The guy who liked crunching numbers and problem solving? Of course you do. That guy is SEO personified.

SEO is made up of algorithms complex mathematical formulas used by search engines to establish the relevance of websites. These numbers affect where your website shows up in search engine results. It may sound boring, but without SEO, people will have a difficult time finding your company on the web.

Lets get back to the math geek in school. At the risk of stereotyping our little friend, Ill assume that even though everyone wanted to be paired with him on a math project, he doesnt get many party invitations. Why? He probably lacked social skills.

See where Im going with this? In the modern SEO landscape, marketers need to focus on creating a strong presence with human fans they need social skills. Social media humanizes your company. Humanizing your brand leads to fan engagement. Fan engagement adds weight to content, which is then measured by the SEO algorithm. Its combining the math geek and the cheerleader into one person wow.

How Inbound Links Boost SEO

One of the biggest perks social media brings to SEO is inbound links. Inbound links are generated when a third party website provides visitors a link to your website. Sounds complicated? I promise, its not. An example of how an inbound link is generated is when a fan shares content from your site or page on a social media network.

These links are great for your companys SEO. Search engines view links as brand credibility. With this is mind, its key to get your web content out in the social media stratosphere. If people dont know how great you are, how can they share your content?

Shared Social Ranks High in Organic Search

In July of 2011, Rand Fishkin of search engine authority SEOmoz.org conducted an experiment to chart the following:

How social shares affect Google search results.
How quickly those results appeared.
In every test, tweets and Google+ shares had a profound affect on SEO rankings. What this means, is that social media shares influence the ranking of websites in search results. Look at that social media and SEO can play well together.

SEO2Yes, marketing is at its best when social media is utilized to complement SEO. Understanding how social affects SEO is crucial to attain maximum exposure. Weve laid the foundation for social media playing a vital role in SEO, now you need tips on how to use social to boost SEO. Check back with us next week, well talk about that very subject.

Feeling like your company is falling short when it comes to SEO and social management? Ready to talk about what options are available? Give us a call – or let us review what you are already doing and offer some suggestions. We’re happy to help.

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