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Social Media Content Why Quality Matters

QualitySome say content is king when marketing your business. We say QUALITY content is king. Whether youre blogging, updating a status, or tweeting for your business what you share matters. So often when people dont get the engagement they want from social media marketing, the problem lies with their quality of their content.

Just like most things in life, much of your social media marketing ROI is dependent on what you put into it. In this case, we mean the quality and consistency of the content used in particular. Here are a few areas every business owner should evaluate from time to time to keep quality in their content.

Tips to Evaluate Your Social Content

  1. Is Your Content Consistent? This is a big one. Higher engagement results when fans can depend on your content. You should post to social media platforms at least once a day. In fact, many companies find improved benefit in posting multiple times a day. This will help establish your companys presence and credibility.
    Insider Time-Saver Tip: Use Buffer or HootSuite to schedule updates.
  2. Is Your Content Current? Bottom line: If youre sharing and promoting content that is obsolete, youre wasting your time period. If you picked up your local newspaper and it was featuring yesterdays news you wouldnt be impressed.  Sadly, some companies share information and blog posts that are outdated. While its a good idea to reshare your best content from time to time, make sure it is current.
    Insider Tip: Use the Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress, but adjust settings to remove outdated posts from rotation.
  3. Is Your Content Diverse? This applies to the platforms you use as well as the types of content featured on such platforms.  Using multiple social media platforms will help you increase engagement by driving traffic between your social media sites. Tweet a link of your latest blog or share a photo from your Pinterest board to your companys Facebook page. Make those platforms work for your business.Diversity also applies to the actual content youre sharing. Fans will soon tire if you utilize the same content styles over and over again. Switch up your update types, from images and videos, to questions to tips keeping it fresh for fans. Just remember the danger of over-selling your brand and keep strictly promotional content to a minimum.Quality 2
  4. Is Your Content Negative? Your blog should not be used as a soap box to rant and rave about all the things in life or business that annoy you. While we encourage fans to humanize their company through honesty, a  consistent negative tone on your blog or social media accounts will not make a good impression.Yes, there are times when sharing something with a negative slant might be beneficial. For example, I regularly see fellow photographers blogging about the need for safety in newborn shoots. This is a great way to instill confidence in clients. However, I have also seen some mention other photographers by name calling them out for how they choose to photograph newborns. It quickly escalates from making a point to petty, unprofessional, behavior. No one is impressed by that.
  5. Are you Sharing Quality Content? Grammatical errors in blogs, use of crummy images, and outdated information degrade the professional image of your business. Much of your companys success depends on the quality of what you are sharing if youre going to share, take the time to do it well. The reputation of you brand is dependent on it.

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