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Specially designed speakers for music lovers

Acoustic systems are said to be the music systems which include home theatre and other audio and video systems. While buying these systems you should take much care regarding the performance, quality and also the shop which you choose. One of the reputed companies which deliver the highest quality of audio and video systems is the Montage Acoustic systems.

Their first priority is the customer satisfaction and their needs. According to the feedback provided by the customers and keeping the needs of the customers in their mind they design many other systems. They also implement new technology in audio and video systems. They strive hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customers and also to entertain them.sound

Since this company focused on innovation and design in every point of their growth, they are one of the popular and leading team in the market. Some of the features of montage acoustic home theatre systems are

Surround sound:

The cinema experience is mostly based on the sound that the speaker gives. The Montage acoustics speakers give that experience by providing complete audio environment with the help of the surround sound system. Generally a 5.1 channel system will provide the full sound surround experience. Some of the sources which have this 5.1 channel format are DVD’s, blue ray media, super audio CD’s, broadcast TV and many other streaming sources.


HDMI means High Definition Multimedia Interface. This provides high definition video and multichannel audio connectivity and for brilliant performance, it ensures reliable and digital signal transmission


The important feature is the Bluetooth. If you are interested to listen to music away from the system that is for example in your car then you can choose Bluetooth. The Bluetooth has a portable speaker that links wirelessly to your phone.

Now let us see about the montage acoustic audio systems. This audio system consists of acoustic speakers, acoustic cinema and acoustic audio.

Acoustic speakers:

The main system in the speaker is the bass management system. There will be difference before and after using the bass management system. There will be low frequency effects channel (LFE) before the bass management system. After the bass management system, there will be a subwoofer signal. There is a lot of difference between the LFE and subwoofer channel. The bass management system can direct the LFE channel to main speakers if there is no subwoofer speaker present.sound2

Acoustic cinema:

The technique used for enriching the sound reproduction quality of the audio source is the surround sound. It provides sound from 360 degree radius in the horizontal plane. The surround sound depends on the location of the listener. So according to that, the audio effects will be best and presents a good sound field to listen. This is achieved by using multiple discrete audio channels which is routed to an array of loud speakers.

Acoustic audio:

The initial audio application was called as ‘fantasound’ which has three audio channels and speakers. The sound is diffused with the help of 54 loud speakers. Using the sum and difference of the phase of the sound, the surround sound is achieved.

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