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Havanatur prepares for American Travelers to Cuba

Theres been a quiet but relentless transformation in the Cuba Travel sector over the past 2 years. Cubas Ministry of Tourism, better known via the acronym MINTUR, has slowly limited access to the U.S market by prohibiting all national service providers from selling to Americans. That is, besides Havanatur. Havanatur …

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Havanautos Car rental Next to Sidestep Agents

2014 has been a tough year for travel companies dealing with Cuba. Firstly, the shift away from centralized hotel bookings has seen Cubas MINTUR tourism ministry ratchet up direct sales of hotels through Amadeus and locally managed hotel portals. The second step in this move will see those operating websites …

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Tripadvisor Gives Cuban Resort Worlds Best Status

Vacation review giant Tripadvisor today announced the worlds highest ranked all-inclusive resort. What makes the accolade so important is not only that its the Cayo Santa Maria Royalton Hotel but, that the American company finally decided to give Cuban customer service a thumbs up and the prestigious title it deserves.The …

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Cuba Travel Network Fastbooking cease trading

Not a surprise to many in the travel industry, Fastbooking and its Cuban branded Cuba Travel Network have ceased trading earlier this week. Attempts to contact Fastbooking for comment at both their New York and Paris offices have proved unsuccessful. It is unclear why Fastbooking – Cuba Travel Network will …

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Eusebio Leal of Habanaguanex meets with Unesco official


This year has seen the biggest exodus of Cuba dedicated travel agencies since the government allowed representation offices on the Caribbean island of foreign agencies in the early 90´s. The idea back then was to allow foreign travel companies and wholesalers to have on the ground staff to better manage …

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