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The Continuing Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is no different from any other sector of business, at least not where having to adapt and evolve is concerned. Just like anything else, the extraction industries have had to go with the flow and make continuing improvements in order to keep up with the pack.

New – and frequently disruptive – technologies come along all the time, and the industry has to learn how to accommodate them into their daily running. Because technology is evolving at a blistering rate, there are frequently new additions of machinery and software to the scene.Gas

Often, these new technologies change the game completely, totally upending what had become the norm. Here are some of the recent innovations in the extraction industries, both useful and interesting.

It Is No Longer So Lonely, Nor So Dangerous

When it comes to working on oil rigs, or trekking out into the wilderness to discover new oil well locations, the industry has – for the longest time – been a very solitary one. Miles from towns and civilisation, working in oil and gas was a particularly lonely vocation, and this solitude only breeds danger. Boredom and fatigue is one factor, but the other problem with this far-away work was that, if something did go wrong, no one was going to know until it was too late.

Nowadays, with the advent of mobile phones, things are so much easier. Workers can keep in touch with their families easily, even when they are out in the middle of nowhere. And emergency services are just a quick call away – even better when mobile GPS is added into the equation.

Sure, maybe each worker’s independence has been somewhat compromised, but that is a small price to pay for security.

Construction of Larger Projects Is Much Easier

There is a wide range of software that is now available and frequently used in the oil and gas industry. This software does the jobs that people once had to do – incredibly complicated jobs that would require a great many man hours to complete.

And with the added benefit of being able to use simulations to predict the many possible outcomes of a situation (such as the stresses caused by a period of rough seas), programs such as hydrodynamic analysis software can actually be more reliable than a person would be. This not only makes the design and building of large projects much easier, but it makes it safer, too.

You Can See Below the Ground

In what seems like a power ripped straight from the pages of Superman, we can these days use technology to help us “see” right through the ground. Nowadays, well log printers are incredibly portable, meaning it is easier than ever to take readings beneath the surface and send them to printers across the globe in real time.Gas2

This makes geological surveying incredibly easy, at least in comparison to the older methods. As you might imagine, digital imaging is also a sight more cost-effective than digging up great tracts of land!

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