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The main reason of mobile signal disturbance

We all are depending on mobile telecommunication. We already know that telecommunication networks have evolved. From 1G Network which only delivers sound because it is analog, 2G which delivers voice and data because it is able to handle digital transfer, EDGE that brings higher speed data so that it can integrate the email in it, 3G network that combines voice channels and data, and now is 3, 5G and 4G LTE which overcome the problem of limited data speeds on 3G.

Although the development of mobile networks has lasted for a long time, most mobile device users are still often having difficulty in receiving signals on certain conditions. To find out the cause, you should pay attention to the location where you do not get a signal. Watch out where you are.mobile

The main reason, you are probably in rural areas that are not affordable telecommunication networks. Signals tend to shrink or even disappear when we enter a building which has concrete walls. Concrete is one of the barriers to signals for entering to mobile devices. This condition is exacerbated if a building has not closed Indoor BTS (Base Transceiver Station). You should be aware that the Indoor BTS serves to deliver signals to the Outdoor BTS, and then the Outdoor BTS will deliver the signals to the BSC (Base Station Controller).

How if you don’t have an Indoor BTS? You can use other devices; one of them is 3G booster. You can buy 3G booster devices that are widely sold on the market, either offline or online. I, personally, recommend you to buy online as you will get a lot of choices without wasting too much time to pass the crowded traffic in your city. The 3G booster will amplify the coming signal so that it will strengthen the signal reception.mobile2

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