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There is no need to study English

GoogleSmartphones know how to do an instantaneous reading and translation
Known online translator Google Translate can now instantly translate text from a sheet when you point a Smartphone camera on the translation. In addition to Google above similar online translators and OCR systems are successfully operating and other companies, including Russian.

Google Translate

Google added to its application Google Translate for iOS and Android features instant translation with elements of augmented reality. Users simply point the camera at a piece of text, and in the application window appears instant translation. Such functionality is almost guaranteed to become very popular with tourists, travellers and international trips.

The new functionality is based on Word Lens technology company Quest Visual, which Google bought in May 2014.
Currently, a new option is supported by Google Translate when translating from English into one of the six languages (and vice versa) Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. For application operation requires a permanent internet connection.

ABBYY Lingvo

ABBYY, it is a Russian origin company specializing in OCR technology, has developed an application that also recognizes and translates the text using the camera of your Smartphone. The new technology was introduced in 2014. Unlike Google Translate, where the text is translated by default, for translation using ABBYY Lingvo is required impose the text of the camera and press the button.
Currently ABBYY Lingvo supports translation from 28 languages.
ABBYY Lingvo is a paid app. There are versions for iOS, and for Android. The essential difference from the Google Translate is that ABBYY Lingvo can operate in an offline mode.

Skype Translator

Google2The new service from Microsoft Skype Translator voice translation is going to be more natural than to Google Translate: program acts as a simultaneous interpreter.

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