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Top 10 Benefits of Extreme Programming

BenefitsExtreme Programming (xp) is a methodology for software development. The key concept is that it works by bringing the whole team of your company together. The core idea of XP is Agile programming that is fast and flexible and Iterative development. The team gets enough feedback to see where they are and to adapt the practices to their unique situation. XP is widely recommended for small teams. Here are the top benefits for using Extreme Programming.

1.For developers, XP allows IT staff of your company to concentrate on coding and avoid unnecessary paper works and meeting. It creates better social atmosphere, more opportunities to learn new skills and makes your employees feel a sense of achievement.

2.Your company can practise XP in order to create software with lesser number of defects compared to traditional programming. It lets you adapt the change of your business requirement very quickly with minimum cost and no complaints from developers

3.From the standpoint of company management, you can reduce the dependence on any individual superstar with this methodology. At the same time, it improves your employee satisfaction.

4.In XP, you do not design for the future. You design for today. The whole idea is to write simple code and change your design plan accordingly if the need arises in the future.

5.The programmers of your IT staff write all production code in pairs, and all work together all the time. The code is consistent and readable so that everyone can understand and improve all the code as needed. Also, pair coding provides maximum efficiency in a time frame.

6.The biggest difference of XP project and traditional software development is the idea of test driven development.
You can start XP test before the code is written. Each piece of code has to pass unit test 100%. The absence of unit-level and regression bugs means that testers can actually focus on their job. Your customers define automated acceptance test to define the level of quality that all of the features of the software are working.

7.You can have small release of tested software at the end of each iteration with XP. The most important is that the software is visible to your customer at the end of every iteration.

8.In the tradition waterfall method, if there is a change in the project schedule, it puts a major amount of effort to get things done in time. XP methodology make you gauge the progress much earlier.

9.Extreme Programming starts the simplest solution. You can add extra functionality afterwards. The purpose of this concept is to do planning, designing and coding for today, not for tomorrow.

10.The feedback from the system, customer and team are the key for success for extreme programming. Flaws in the system are detected in the earlier stage with this concept and customer can conduct acceptance test repeatedly to minimize error in your deliverables.

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