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Top 6 tips to Make Your Site Search More Friendly

FriendlyDo you have a dynamic Web site or are thinking of building one? If the answer is Yes, one of the top priority is to make your web site search engine friendly. If you fail that part, the visibility of your web site will go down significantly. Dynamic sites are those in which pages are generated on the fly. Many webmasters are having questions about increasing the page hit for their websites. This article gives you some tips to achieve this.

Add Text to your images or videos: It is true that you can add text at your Flash file. But, many search engines are not sophisticated enough to read the text. It is a good idea to put some content or plain text against each image or video file.

HTML code should be validated: It is a good practice to validate your HTML code. If your HTML code contains errors, it is possible that only a section of your web page are indexed by the search engine. Although, the validation error may not be seen by the web browser, but, it can make search engine software think that some of the text on your page is part of the HTML formatting rather than your sites content. As a result of this, the search engine may ignore that text.

Other site should link yours: Links help crawlers find your site and can give your site greater visibility for the search results of search engines. Natural link is very useful for indexing purpose. Natural links to your site develop when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors. Search engine like Google is smart enough to distinguish between natural and unnatural links.

Give a Good Title of Your Website: Selecting the key word of your website is very important. The page title shows up when your website is listed by the search engine. The title should be treated as advertisement. It should be short and appealing. This is also a good idea to add unique phrase or keyword combination for your website title.

Research and Revise: Once you optimize your web site , it is important that you visit the site on frequent basis. You should also check what your competitors are doing. This is very important to revise your site to make sure that you are taking advantage of the best keywords and key phrases and this is an on going process.

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