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Top 7 RSS News Aggregators for Windows and Mac

GettyImagesRSS?? feed is an efficient way to read news and weblog. There are several RSS readers available in the market. You may have to do a lot of investigations to find a smart reader that suits your need to search or organize the news. I found that the following RSS Readers very interesting and I would like to share my view with you.

FeedDemon (Win): The main features of this aggregator are a>Get your news and information instantly. b> Customize the way you read and organize feeds. c>Download podcasts to your iPod or Windows Media Player. This user friendly interface keeps you updated with the latest news and information. You can customize the way feeds are organized and displayed. Ver 2.7 can detect unread items and offers to mark them as read.

NewsGator (Win)allows you to read, archive, organize and search news. You can integrate RSS feeds and Usenet news with email client. So, in brief, it helps employees, customers, individuals to collaborate, communicate and innovate.
Bloglines (Win): You can read rss feeds in a web based way with the help of this free RSS reader. You dont need to install any software. But, the interface is very simple and has two panes like email.

Awasu Personal Edition (win): This is a feature rich news aggregator. The positive ponts: 1> Plugins and hooks allow you to enhance and customize Awasu. 2> It lets you organize news feeds. 3> The tool has also a nice news notification option.

amphetaDesk (Win/Mac/Linux): It is a free, cross platform aggregator that you can access through a web browser. You can download news according to your interest with this tool and displays them in a quick and easy way to use it in a customizable webpage. AmphetaDesks powerful backend allows easy modification to the templates and internal source code shipped with your download.

MyYahoo: This tool is a cute RSS reader. It allows to preview the news article and there are buttons at many websites so that you can automate installation of feed at MyYahoo. You can automate your feeds in different tabs. The speed and reliability is also a big plus for MyYahoo.

NewzCrawler(Win): This is a nice email like interface. This tool allows you to set up your own feed and post to blogs. News can be structured according to intelligent folders and color labels.

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