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Top 8 Benefits of Enterprise Blogging

BloggingThe ultimate goal of corporate blogging is to reach the goal of the company. Your company can use internal blog instead of meetings and e-mail discussions, and it can be very useful when employees work at different locations, or have conflicting schedules. On the other hand, when your company employees, teams, share their views, external blog is preferred. Personally speaking, I have some experience about corporate blogging for a start up company. The top benefits for corporate blogging from my standpoint are as follows:

1.The most important benefit for corporate blogging is transparency. It can be considered as an window. Potential customers can peep though the window and get a real feeling what is happening inside. He can better evaluate the business model of your company and may opt for buying your product.

2.Corporate blogging can be considered as a window to companys culture. You can use it as an informal press release to launch your new product or services.

3.You can start enterprise blogging for your company for internal communication instead of email, meeting etc. It is very useful in terms of pre-sales and marketing.

4.Coprporate Blogging incorporates search engine optimization. Blogs have a lot of text, offer constantly updated content, and may have quite a few links. So, they can be easily found by search engines.

5.If the customer has any say about the company, they can easily communicate or provide their feedback through the blog. You can also respond them back instantly to establish faith among your potential customers about the credibility of your company.

6.If your readers use RSS or any other type of feed, they will be able to receive new content on regular basis. You can also update content on regular basis. This is the best way you can reach your potential clients very quickly with the Enterprise blog.

7.You can measure the growing interest of your readers about your product or service with on line measuring tools like Google Analytics. This tool gives you breakdown information and it is customizable.

8.If the readers in your community like your idea of the corporate blog, your blog can be linked by them So, in other word, your company product or services can be promoted with the help of corporate blogging.

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