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Top Eight Ways for Enterprises to Go Green Profitably

greentechEvery enterprise, whether they are manufacturing or service industry, should have a corporate strategy so that they can lower carbon emission, minimize their environmental impact, make the best use of natural resources, and become more energy efficient. The company should tailor their activities in such a way so that it can achieve both environmental and business success. I consider the following highlighted areas are the key for the success.

2.Many companies have clean manufacturing program so that it changes the productivity and increases profit. The program gives you idea about cleaning up energy usage and material inefficiencies. Simultaneously, it shows ways about how to make environmental benefits and reduce labor and capital costs.

3.Reducing carbon emission is the key for the green environment. A good plan for Carbon footprint can lower your cost and saves money. It also saves energy significantly. You can also hire outside agency to calculate your Company’s primary carbon footprint, that is the impact that your business is responsible for and control your supply chain.

4.Government should provide incentive for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing beneficial tax breaks. You need to to make your employees aware and educate them to get further success in this regard.

5.Your company should also regulate greenhouse gas emission to lower global warming. One of the key ingredient for greenhouse gases is carbon di Oxide. Coal fired power plants and industrial boilers use scrubbers to reduce SO2 emissions levels generate thousands of tons of harmful sludge. Combustion of natural gas emits extremely low levels of SO2, eliminating the need for scrubbers, and reducing the amounts of sludge associated with power plants and industrial processes.

6.Green IT for an enterprise is very important to put efficient system in place. It will bring down power consumption and reduce the carbon footprint. If an organization plans on going green, then legacy systems need to be completely replaced. Going green can reduce energy consumption bill significantly.

7.Paper waste is probably the biggest item in terms of companys waste costs. You can keep your records in digital filing cabinet and get rid of the inefficient use of paper. You can save lot of money this way. At the same time, you are going to have secure information.

8.You should ask your local govt to arrange for disposal of electronic recycling and hazardous waste.

9.For example, Google asked their employees to use the next-generation, super-efficient LED light bulbs to encourage energy efficiency. (LEDs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and 50% less energy than a CFL) In the average U.S. home, lighting accounts for about 20% of the electricity bill. If every Googler changes out one incandescent light bulb for one of these LEDs, the is equivalent of taking over 4,000 cars off the road for one year!

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