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Using Google Plus Hangouts for Press Conferences

First, some Google Plus Hangout Basics, from the help files:

HangoutsHangouts can have a maximum of 10 participants.How to use Google Plus On Air Hangouts for Press Conferences
The easiest way to start a Hangout is to visit hangouts.google.com
Youll be taken to an invite screen where you can:
Make sure you’re mic and camera are working correctly by looking at your video feed at the bottom of the page. You should be able to see yourself in the video feed, and when you talk, you should see a green bar appear at the bottom of your video. If you’re having issues with your mic or camera, try these troubleshooting steps.
Invite entire circles or specific individuals to join you in your Hangout.
Enable Hangouts on Air.
Restrict people under the age of 18 from joining your Hangout by clicking Hangout Options and selecting the checkbox next to Restrict minors from joining this Hangout. Other Hangout participants won’t be able to invite minors and, the 18+ restriction cannot be changed once the Hangout has started.

When your Audience is not all on Google Plus Use Hangouts On Air

Want everyone to hear your press conference, even if they dont want to join the hangout or they arent familiar with Google Plus yet? With Hangouts On Air, you can share and record your live discussions and performances with everyone no limits! Hangouts On Air lets you:

Broadcast a Hangout: Invite circles or individual people to join you in a Hangout, then broadcast it to the world. A live player of your Hangout will be posted to your Google+ Home page and YouTube channel.
Edit and share the recorded Hangout:Your Hangout will be recorded as a public video and will be available on your Home page once your Hangout has ended. Youll also be able to edit the recording when the Hangout is over. If you edit your video, your post (including the video URL) will automatically be updated to show the edited version.
Create an Event for your Google Plus Hangout Press Release

Hangouts2Creating an event allows you to invite attendees and collect RSVPs. It also gives invitees a chance to ask questions about how it all works before the event. Lastly, it provides a spot people can return to at the time of the Hangout to watch it live. It can also be embedded to a website, and can be watched on YouTube live and forever after! Note: You can delete events and the attached YouTube video if you want.

Here’s How to Set Up Your Google Plus On Air Event:Google Plus Hangout Invite

Click on “Events” in your sidebar
Click on “Create Event”
Choose a Theme or upload your own image.
Enter a Title
Enter the Date and Time
Enter the Location (optional)
Enter as many details as you like
Invite people by Circle, Name (if they are a Google Plus user) or Email Address.
Under “Event Options”, “Basic” options allows you to decide if guests may invite others or add photos
“Advanced Options” allow you to make this event a Google+ Hangout (online, by invitation only) or make this an event on air (everyone can see it). Choose to make this an event on air.
Click on “Show Additional Fields” to add a website URL.
Invitees get a notification and can check their Google calendar before they RSVP.
Start a Hangout On Air by starting a Hangout. Choose the On Air option.
Click the Start Broadcast button to begin broadcasting to YouTube and to Google Plus.
Click on “Show Additional Fields” to add the YouTube URL that shows at the top of the screen. Click the Embed link and youll see a popup with an onair URL. Copy that and paste it to the YouTube URL.
When the HOA begins, attendees will be notified. If you added the YouTube URL right away, theyll be able to watch by clicking that link. Or, they can go to the event listing to watch live.
Google Plus Hangout On Air URL

Common-Sense Warnings and Unanticipated Complications with Google Plus On Air Hangouts

Start a new Hangout On Air about 15 minutes early. Invite any others you want to be on the broadcast. They may have to install a plugin, and this can take a few minutes.

You will be notified when someone RSVPs. To see all RSVPs at one, return to your event by clicking on the Events tab in the sidebar.Google Plus Hangout Email Invite

You MUST practice and get fully comfortable on Google Plus Hangouts yourself before the big conference (you will have to verify your account before you can launch a HangOut On Air the first time). You may even want to run through all the steps above to make sure everything runs smoothly and with no surprises. Weve done a lot of tests!

To get verified to use Google Hangouts On Air, go to Google>Settings>Security and follow instructions. When complete, you should be taken to your YouTube account, where a confirmation message will appear.

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