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WhatsApp for your desktop, but only on Chrome

WhatsApp has released a web client version of its popular social platform for the desktop, but there are a number of limitations that will prevent plenty of users from getting it through their browser of choice.

desktopCurrently, users can only get to the instant messaging services web version if they are using Googles Chrome browser. According to WhatsApp, this is the only browser that will work with the web client at the moment.

Additionally, Apple device users have been left out of the loop, as Apple platform limitations prevent WhatsApp from providing the new web client for users who do not have the app installed on anything but an iOS device.

Unfortunately for now, we will not be able to provide web client to our iOS users due to Apple platform limitations, the company said in a blog post on January 21.

There is no word at present on when this may change.

The WhatsApp web client will only work with the Chrome browser. (Image: Screenshot by Leon Spencer/ZDNet)

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