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When Social Media is Like Bad Tech Support

SocialA seemingly endless string of tech support chats yesterday made me wonder are there things social media marketers might be doing that could make customers THAT frustrated? Heaven forbid!

Heres what was so wrong with the way customer service happened for me yesterday, and how we can avoid doing the same in social and online marketing.

You Dont Ask the Right Questions

Your customers have no way of knowing that some of the information they have could be vital to solving the problem. Do not expect them to provide it all up front. Not asking for all the relevant information means that you are going to give the wrong answers and waste their time. Draw them out.

Socially speaking, dont assume you know what your customers struggles are. Ask them! If you dont get a response, ask again, and in a different way. Make sure that the terminology you use it not overly technical. When you use tech-speak, most people will shut down, too embarrassed to ask for clarification. Dont make them feel foolish.

Use social media to ask simple fill-in-the-blank questions. For instance, if youre an independent pharmacy owner, you might ask, If I could pick up _________ at the pharmacy, it would save me making another stop on the way home!

Different Representatives Give Conflicting Answers

When one agent tells me it can be done, and another tells me it doesnt, I doubt both of them, and the company as a whole! To the extent possible, train and communicate enough that your people are on the same page. If more than one representative might be helping the same customer, find a way to either share information from previous interactions, or allow the customer to reach the original representative.

Socially speaking, keep your message consistent. If you write about the imporance of staying on-topic one day, but the next you post a photo of a kitten to garner some easy likes, is anyone going to take you seriously? Well, unless you work for a vet, in which case, dont you just have the most fun account ever?! Note: though keeping on-topic is a good policy, sometimes it is good to let your hair down a little.

You Dont Listen or Respond to What I Say

This one is probably more frustrating than anything else. Yesterday, I told the representative THREE TIMES that I was not chatting on the computer that needed the software upload. Three times she told me, just click on the link. Aaargh! I finally came up with a solution and shared it with her so she could use it with future callers. I still dont think she understood, as she never acknowledged what I said.

Socially speaking, are you watching what people say about you? Do you use Google Alerts, Social Mention or other monitoring services to watch for mentions of your brand?


On a more basic level, do you watch for and respond to comments, shares, ReTweets, mentions, pins, etc.? Nothing makes a customer feel more disillusioned and detached than getting no response after leaving a comment or message for a brand on social media.

Your turn! What business behavior on social media makes you want to toss your computer? Please share in the comments below.

If you feel like your business isnt striking the right chord with your customers, wed like to help. Contact us today for a free review of your online and social presence. No hard-sell. Ever.

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